A Sky Image Jn8.12

You can set these Words of Jesus

into Effect for you

by Meditating on them in His Presence

and Believing them in Your Heart.

He did not say Church Services

Best of Preachers

Really Anointed Books.

He says to you that

HE is your LIGHT of LIFE!


The Lord Answers you like no-one can

all He wants is your undivided attention.

To Call upon Him with all your heart

and not be afraid of let downs.

Stay in His Presence and soak it up

don't be quick to move away.

He will become your Strength and Stay

yes Steady your Eyes on HIM.

Jesus Son of God, Son of Man

was Fully God and Fully Man.

He lived a sinless life for you

went to the Cross for me and you.

Believed in Faith that He was God

like you and me, that we're Sons of God.

For the Joy of Seeing this in His Heart

He went to the Cross and Rose again.

He has you in His Heart in Heaven Above

and kept there with His Perfect LOVE.


The above Poems are Copyright © 2013