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Your confidence with Faith in God has to do with your confidence in the Love of God. For this we need to spend time in His Presence daily, soaking it in. Also, remember to prayer-read the Scriptures – this will make your spirit stronger than your doubts. Jesus said Abide in My Words, then Ask. Not the other way round because then we would

be lazy – unmotivated, so to speak. And it's a matter of acquaintance, it really is. HERE

If we want to speak and say what God's word says and be in agreement with the word of God, then we will have to spend time reading and studying his word.We must meditate, think and ponder on the things of God through the day on a daily basis, then when his word is written upon our hearts in abundance our speaking will become positive and we will bring forth good things in our life. HERE

PS 104.34 My meditation of Him shall be sweet. I will be glad in The Lord.....as for me, I will Rejoice in The Lord.....let my Praise be pleasing to Him, I will rejoice in Adonai.....I trust my thoughts will please You because You are the One who makes me Glad.....May my thoughts be pleasing to Him, I will find my Joy in Yahweh.....my speech be mirth to Him, for I shall delight in The Lord. HERE

In a sense of speaking, rich and wealthy preachers are in effect, keeping funds

from the poor, the desperate and needy (physically and spiritually). Yes, they are keeping physical comforts and the Good News from those who are still waiting.

Think of the many thousands who can be blessed by those of us who see the Truth about Giving. Together with helping each other, like they do in house churches - when they pool together to meet a genuine need - this is the New Testament way, The Lord has clearly ordained. HERE

I missed our usual input because we enjoy a good conversation – it felt like she had not phoned yet and it's another two weeks until we get together again. Often, that's the way it is at home with family and also with friends because we do not get to communicate closely on a real level and something is missing. It's usually due to the rush and bustle of modern day living and many of us have not learned to do this in our upbringing – traditions carry on whatever they've been. Our family lacked this and did not know the art of listening to each other. However we have in recent years. We've been working at our communications and now they are going nicely. HERE

"Guard your heart for from it flow the springs of life" and this keeps me above.

Your actions speak louder than words__ those were the kindest I ever heard.

You have as much right to your views as the next person, don't let theirs crowd you.

If I regard the morale and interests of others__ God will look after mine.

Where Faith, Hope and Love Abide His PEACE Resides!    HERE

We have 5 senses that relate with sight and touch etc. Now faith is a 6th sense that relates with your spirit (separate to the others). For many years, our thoughts have been taught by sense knowledge pertaining to the world around us…..faith is resident in our spirit and relates to the knowledge of God and things pertaining to His Kingdom: His Promises and Blessings. Feelings and intellect depend on circumstances but faith rests in the promises. Feelings are restless, faith is calm. Faith defies logic – it would rather question circumstances than question God. HERE

We can be like Him in our homes as well - this is such a blessing to spouse,

children or parents. There is a saying "Bloom where you are planted" we don't need a platform. There's too many leaders in churches and work places - a glut of them. That kind of imbalance displeases Him.The Holy Spirit is into Body Ministries (every member). He is also into everyday living through everyday Christians. He started this with Early Church believers (read Acts). He moved in believers, not just the Apostles.

Since Constantine changed the Church into a State Institution in 300AD and

Christians have gathered in buildings, that has been lost (in the main).HERE

Most of us have heard so many sermons with numerous verses of scripture yet we have not heard essential basics such as relating closely with our Father and His Words in such a way that have a personal application to the life we're living "today" ......Monday, Thursday, Saturday whatever. We hear someone preach or teach some verses in theory on a Sunday or Wednesday for instance.......we may get excited for a few days in a way that we consider to be "spiritual" but we lack the essence OR the things

The Lord desired to "share with us" that week...... YES, personally. HERE


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