I thought I would place a few Audio Sermons and Songs on this Page

that will enrich the experience of those who Enjoy them!

The first Series is by Louie Giglio

Worshiping The Lord in Spirit and Truth

About preparing our heart. Focusing on The Lord and directing our worship to Him.

We are Created to Worship

Having a Heart Undivided 

Giving Glory of God in Trials

Inside and Outside Posture

Touching our Father's Heart

Living a Life of Continual Worship

Worship is more than a song or prayer with music - we can live our worship.

Series is by John MacArthur

The Purpose of Worship

Hear this meaning of Redemption. What draws unbelievers? The desire of a passionate God. Eternal worship.

True Worship - A Holy God

John 4 and Isaiah 6 A comparison between Tabernacle Worship and the Indwelt Believer. Making a stand against casual worship.

More Coming!