Christ has restored our Status with the Almighty Creator God_

we have certain rights and privileges when we believe on Him.

You are Restored in Christ since you believed in Him. Find out about His Redemptive work and what this means for you.

In the Beginning when God created us He said "Let us make man in Our Image"_ we had His Nature, we had close fellowship with God....we knew the Goodness of God and He made us to Reign in life. Because Adam and Eve bought into a Lie we did not actually get to experience these things. The same enemy of God and man who said "has God said?" has been lording it over mankind ever since Adam and Eve.

It is'nt important whether it was an apple or a peach Eve took from that tree. It was the tree of the "Knowledge of Good and Evil" and when they took from that Tree, evil passed down to mankind. That was an Act of Submission that subjected all of us to the world we now live in. We came to know and experience things like Sadness and Depression, Turmoil and Strife, Sin and Sickness, Disappointments and Heartaches. Yes, all the Disunity and Dismay there is around us.....and Age itself we try so hard to delay.

You see, the enemy of God and Man knew very well that he could spoil things if he had access to their Will - their consent to Rule over them. That's why God actually told Adam to "Watch over the Garden" and he failed to do this.

Before that, man (Adam and Eve) knew ONLY GOODNESS and the PRESENCE OF GOD unhindered by distractions and the cares of life.

But Christ came into this world like a second Adam to make things right again_

to restore God's Nature in us; close fellowship with Him; experiencing the Goodness of God once again and Reigning in life through Jesus. He did this for ALL who accept or invite Him to Live in their hearts and lives.

Jesus said "Whosoever follows Me shall not walk in darkness but have the Light of Life" living inside of them. Our enemy tries to lord it over the Christian too, through the world's system and religious system....but Jesus said "If you continue in My Words, you will know the Truth and the Truth will make you FREE". The enemy is a usurper, much like the stories where some character tries to influence someone who is reigning and takes over their position. Don't let him do that....first he has to influence you to challenge that reign and affect your life. The Truth is that "Christ has disarmed the principalities and powers and made an open show of them when He triumphed over them through His work on the Cross". It was a Redemptive Work just for you, so you can share His Rule and Reign in your life.

The Christian can actually appropriate Healing - physical, mental and emotional;

Harmony, Peace and Joy; Provision and Debt Recovery etc by the Finished Work of Christ for us - the Redemptive Work of His Death and Resurrection for whosoever believes on Him as Lord and Savior. We belong to Jesus - the Mighty God and Prince of Peace!

In Christ Restored

In this world of Adam's race

Christ came to restore our place

We were made in the Image of God

not just from this earthly sod.

Let us each one in Christ be Free

no longer a life of endless needs

We're seated with Christ Jesus Above

circumstances by Matchless Love.

King of Kings and Lord of Lords

we Reign in life through You once more.

Creative with the words we speak

guide us wisely each day of the week

Words of Blessing and Words of Life

confessing Your Goodness throughout our lives.

Spreading Your Grace wherever we go

Your Glory in us so others may know.

Janet Vargas © Oct 2013

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