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Where Are the Tares Jesus Spoke of?

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Where are the Tares Jesus spoke of in the kingdom parable? Right in the Church Scene Today! The Lord spoke of Wheat and Tares, and that both would grow together until the End of the Age. Then at that time, they would be separated and the Righteous would Shine like their Father. I want to do that, do you?

I’ve had this concern for many months now, so I have carried this message in my spirit for  about three years before writing it. There are important things that must be addressed by  all of us – like it or not. Many Christians are desperately hurting because of behavior patterns of immature Christians AND Tares (people who profess to be Christians and are not).

They go to Church and do some things that are accepted to be Christian but some of their behaviour and lifestyle indicates that they are not True Christians and even those in the world many times, can recognize that “they are not good people” – they are not portraying Jesus to them.

I could not keep these words unpenned any longer after a dear God fearing Buddhist woman spoke to me yesterday and said she could not believe in Jesus “because she has seen so many Christians do bad things” and she did not mean the news program. These were people around her in daily life. Conscious of these things for some time and especially in recent months, I was very disturbed after hearing her words. So each one of us should be – when The Lord hurts, so should we.

Bible says that “No-one who habitually and wilfully sins is born-again” (Original Greek).

When reading this post, please do not confuse immature Christian behavior for Tares.
And the last thing I want you to do is labelling and name calling, however many Christians lack discernment in this Day and Hour. We are called to be vigilant.

If you sense, when reading this, that your walk with The Lord is immature, you are in the best place (state of awareness) for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into a closer Walk with Him, so do not confuse yourself with a Tare either. “The Lord searches our hearts and minds and knows those who are His.” Peace be with You!

The work of tribulation in these stressful times is first and foremost a SEPARATING work. In these End-Times, there is tribulation just living in this world. It separates the wheat from the tares; specifically, those who merely profess Christianity from those who truly believe.

Jesus spoke of Stressful Times before the Rapture (catching away of the righteous to meet Jesus in the air). Different to what is commonly taught, the Church (all professing Christians) will not leave in the Rapture but genuine living, true worshipping Christians, Jesus described as Wise Maidens who really love Him and have eyes for Jesus!

They don’t have eyes for the world and things of the world, they don’t have eyes for a religion, a movement, pastor or TV Evangelist – they have Eyes for Jesus Only. This is pure vision that comes from a pure heart. Jesus’ counsel to us has not changed, more than ever, He says to us “FOLLOW ME”……..”He/she who hears My Words and does them Loves Me. He/she is My friend.”

The Lord also counselled us to “Judge a tree by it’s Fruit”. This may be alarming to read: Half the Church (Born Again Christians) are not doing that, they follow a Pastor or Televangelist who does not really bear FRUIT for Jesus, and often, their works are the opposite: building big or small kingdoms for themselves. The Lord also said that “His sheep do not hear the Voice of Strangers”, so what are you doing, tolerating and listening to them? They will only lead you astray – your ears cannot
hear Jesus clearly when paying so much attention to them.

I have news for you: many of these Pastors and Televangelists will be left in the Great Tribulation – they will not exit this earth in the Rapture, and possibilities are that neither will you, if you are still following them. Never mind all the fancy words with quotes of scripture and talk about submission to oversight. It all seems “right and holy” I know, but we are called to be Fruit Inspectors.

True worshippers in Scripture like David said things like ”I will follow in the way with the Blameless” and “He who is blameless shall minister to me”. It always troubled me, since I was a Christian 40+ years ago, when I heard so many Christians say “Who do you belong to, where do you belong?” And these days it’s “Whose teaching do you follow?” and “I really love my Pastor” and “No-one preaches/teachers like ________ !”

Really? Well no-one ever preached and teached like JESUS……..”No-One ever spoke like This Man!” that’s because He was the Son of Man………God Incarnate………”the people hung on His Words”. These days, there are so many Christians who hang on a “ministry’s words”. It’s so alarming! Is this not against the apostle Paul's counsel in Scripture “what is this I hear about, some of you say I follow Paul and others follow Apollos?” He spoke very strictly about that in no uncertain terms.

Because Paul’s affections were wholly and solely for Jesus, he spoke against divided loyalties. He was very much aware that we can be led astray this way……….following fallible men and women in the gospel. Did not the Lord Himself say these words to us, “Love The Lord your God with ALL your heart and ALL your mind and strength?”

I will ask you this question: How can you do this when you reserve half your affections for someone’s “ministry” hey? Come on now, to whom does your soul belong to, your Savior who died and rose for you or someone who may or may not wholly follow The Lord today or tomorrow? That’s risky, Paul perceived. He saw so many being led astray that way too, into false doctrines.

BEST to “Love The Lord your God with ALL your heart and ALL your mind and strength!” Truly, some ardently follow their preacher or teacher, many do this.
You can “love them as you do yourself” Jesus said, but don’t set your affections on them. Some of you do! Yes keep your affections for The Lord. The only affection we have for a Pastor or Teacher is “brotherly affection” we are all encouraged to have for each-other – the same love for everyone (one-another) not just the preacher or teacher. The world does that with their favorite leaders and teachers. The emphasis has been wrong through the years, it really has!

The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares

Now let us take a look at the well-known parable of the wheat and the tares, which Jesus presented to His disciples. Jesus explains in Matthew 13, starting from verse 24, that Satan scatters bad seed among the good seed, and in answer to the question of whether the workers should uproot the growing tares, Jesus gave the good advice to let them grow together until the time of harvest.
Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn. (Matthew 13:30)

The disciples did not understand the Lord’s parable immediately, so Jesus explained it again:
Then Jesus sent the multitude away, and went into the house: and his disciples came to him, saying, Declare unto us the parable of the tares of the field. He answered and said to them, He that sows the good seed is the Son of man; The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one; The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels. As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world. The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who has ears to hear, let him hear. (Matthew 13:36-43)

What do you call it when two young women lure two really nice Christian men who are all for Jesus into marriage who have a passion regarding a calling in God……. the next thing immediately having their first child, the wives overwork their husbands to extreme for material gain after gain with worldly possessions and then take off with another man – in the world? They were found out to not really be Christians at all and those dear brothers were hurting so much for their children, they could not fullfil their calling. In fact one of them went back to drinking to console himself – Jesus had gloriously set him free from for some years and gradually slid back into the world.

What do you call it when a young ‘Christian’ man gives a Christian girl a ride home, just after she found The Lord (two days) parks his car on the way to her house and starts kissing her and enticing her, then supposedly changes his intentions towards her two weeks later. She decided she wanted to be loyal to Jesus in her conduct and went on strong for God. She had disappointments in the world – that was a sure weapon for disillusion but she kept fellowshipping at that Church faithfully to his shame.

What do you call it when a Christian woman becomes anxious for marriage and makes an application on a Christian Dating Website……….a ‘Christian’ man approaches her to date with her, appears to be just what she is looking for in a husband – he says that one of his parents has worked for a Bible printer and Christian bookstore; he shows her a really nice Christian eBook; says that he wants the same things in his Christian life as she wants in hers; after several weeks, he starts courting her and says he can’t stay away from her and wants her to co-rent a house together (and do the right thing) before marriage; then after real pressure to rent a nice house she found irresistible (you would have to know the state of the house she lived in to understand, no way of getting out of it and guaranteed, you would not like to live in it) then he starts to watch violent TV programs, prayer is Not a priority (like he said previously) he lives like a pig, treating her like a slave and getting audibly vengeful when she addressed his behavior with him. And there was no perceivable way out of that financial arrangement?

Interestingly, she too, has a real heart for Jesus and calling of God in her life. So did the other sister previously mentioned. And you know something thing? We all have the most important Calling in our lives – to be like JESUS and carry out His individual purpose in our lives. Don’t let the enemy ever cheat you into an “unequal yoke” with someone who loves Jesus considerably less than you do, through the ploy of chemistry (be careful who you fall in love with) very hard to get out of it when you’re married, you have kids etc

This is very common, believe me – I have come across it through the years!

What do you call it when two ‘Christian’ women go to church and gossip about someone in that church – nasty malicious things – and take advantage of that person every opportunity they get – this person is already a Carer on pension with a lot of responsibility to two family members. They don’t hesitate to phone her when they have a problem and continue to talk behind her back? In fact, there are a number of bad gossips in that place!

What do you call it when a ‘Christian’ church going man screams at his wife and kids often and is caught swearing at her, by a neighbor’s visitor who felt compelled to rebuke him verbally, saying that if he hears it again, he will be over the fence in no time, to pay him out!? He is also attached to the things of this world.

Do you call these people, and maybe others you have witnessed, Christians?
Think again! Jesus said these people would be among us – The Wheat and Tares would be found together until the time of Harvest: The End of the Age, when “once again, there would be a distinction between the Righteous and the Wicked.”

The apostle John said to Love one-another and by this, we will know we are His children and assure our hearts. He also said these words, that “no-one who habitually and wilfully sins is born-again” (the original Greek that verse was written in). And John also said in John 1 “those who walk in the Spirit are Mature Sons of God”, so much knowledge accounts for nothing – even if it’s scriptures – if you can’t practice living the basics. If this article speaks to you, that’s a good place to start from!


What do you call this, when a leading Bible Teacher says things like “Who is the biggest failure? God is the biggest failure, yes, He is the biggest failure!” and shows irritation at a reporter for asking him “how many Jets do you own?”. Immediately before that, he claimed to ‘be open’ and immediately after, he says “That! Is None of Your Business!” and walks quickly away from her. Something about his manner always disturbed me and I could not put my finger on it because much of his teaching sounds so godly and his expressions often look fervent for the things of God, yet other times, he has a wild look of arrogance in his eyes. Does not make sense does it?

It does when you consider that JESUS spoke of “Hirelings that care not for His sheep” AND those who Fleece the Sheep! I think that kind of professing Christian is the worst kind of Tare because, having lived and preached for The Lord once, they then start to serve the Enemy of God against those who are His, when they ERR in their walk with God and serve their own interests and greed for gain. Performing selfish exploits, they cause deep confusion in the hearts of many.

What more powerful weapon for the Enemy to use than someone who once were used of God? Yes really! Think about it, who do you think would be the most effective? Someone who does not know Scripture much or someone who knows it like the back of their hand? Did you know that the best spy a government can have is someone who proves to be a traitor to the country they want to spy on? It has proven to be true, time and again because they play the part so well. So we should be alert and support God’s Cause for Righteousness like we do when we see a movie with ‘the goodies and the badies’……you know, the movies where someone in the Palace commits treason to their King and works secretly as an agent to someone who wants to take over the Palace?

The Enemy is an old-time Usurper, and has not changed his tricks: he tries to take Jesus rightful place on the throne of our hearts in some way – on an individual basis often by luring our affections to the things of the world often and if that is’nt effective, he tries to get our attention in the Church Scene because that is not so obvious, it’s usually more subtle.

“Why how can this preacher/teacher be of the devil, he/she knows so many good scriptures?”…………..“they are so good at scripture!” You better believe it! And the bigger their following, the greater DOMINO Effect their ‘Ministry’ has. Sorry to have to report these things to you. Even Paul spoke in letters to Churches in his day of “_______ spying out your Freedom” so they could gain advantage for an opposing doctrine (the enemy’s work).

We have not covered the prosperity Televangelists who are greedy for money (every dollar they can get out of you) who can preach all manner of clever ‘sermons’ and place demands on you – even using the holy Feast Days of the Jews to support their claims, making all manner of promises to you in the Name of The Lord, they take in vain, to entice you into giving beyond your means. They often give ‘prophetic’ messages and statements and Christians often feel compelled to give!

They also offer to pray ‘special prayers’ for you if you become their partners, again using carefully crafted words with an air of ‘genuineness’ to share your pay packet OR give a one-off payment…… excuse me, I meant “offering” for their services and “support their ministry”.

If you’ve ever seen them on Christian Television, they are absolutely without shame in delivering these appeals to you. The TBN TV Network also have been found to be corrupt in their motives and spending. As a matter of fact, I was very tired a few days some years ago__ being caught off guard, I donated over a thousand dollars collectively in response to three lots of preaching during a Telethon appeal to raise money “for the Gospel”. A few days later, I felt led of The Lord to request for the donations to be reimbursed. The person in charge kept telling me that “I was convicted by The Lord to do that” and I replied, “you will be convicted in a minute when I tell you, it was more like a shopping list they were giving out. Give your Best Offering and we will twist God’s arm for you.” He promptly replied “we never do this usually, but we will refund half what you gave because you gave it in prayer. I then said it was prayer that alerted me to these schemes, so the full amount is required – it is to be paid promptly!” and they paid it back in full.

I cannot guarantee they will do the same for you, so please do be careful with these appeals from Telethons and “Restoration of Jewish Feast Days” because their conscience is seared and they are spiritually deaf to The Lord’s appeal to REPENT. Far be it from them to do a decent day’s work – as the saying goes, or honest ministry…….. they are more interested in your pay-pocket and hard earned savings. If you have not seen this before, do be informed. The Lord knows those who are His and He does not employ their services “depart from evil and pursue righteousness, thereby will good come to you” ………….”the Blessing of The Lord makes rich (in the true sense) and adds no sorrow.”

The prosperity gospel has got very much out of hand to the point of mass distraction AND has disillusioned many Christians to the point where they walk no longer with God due to these damages. Yes, Christians who once walked close to God – it hurts them deeply, to even think of Him now. These ministers – we are told about in scripture, for we know them by this (sour) fruit – are doing nothing short of carrying out one of the enemy’s End-time agendas to destroy the faith of Christians in a stressful world before The Lord Comes.

Do you know, it has now been discovered by new volunteer workers in offices for three of these ‘powerful ministries’ that they never see or touch our prayer requests they so sincerely tell you they will pray over……..Who prays for us then? The volunteer workers are told to do that. I have heard three of them make these things known to the Body of Christ – they were so shocked to find out we have been deliberately lied too and they left out of good conscience. Sorry to tell you.

There is so much idolatry in the CHURCH that takes place in the hearts of men, women and young people idolizing their pastor or teacher……’visiting ministries’…… Televangelists……Youth Leaders and Music Groups (professional entertainers often). What better advantage for the devil (deceiver) to have – “the stage is already set, go in and take em”. Yes, that is his mentality AND his Agenda in our Day and he works at it full-time.

If you are looking to a minister or ministries, some form of Christian Music Artist……this and other things can affect you…..yes you can be easily deceived. The apostle Paul said to watch for it, that “even the Elect can be deceived” so no-one is exempt. Do you consider yourself spiritual? This is good advice – it’s scripture – so STAY CLOSE TO JESUS and Keep Him enthroned on your heart……this is a sacred place for Him Alone to Reside if He really IS your KING.

Let no man or woman share this place but guard it like the Holy of Holies because that is your Tent of Meeting with The Lord”……not where you fellowship on the weekend but “our body is the temple of The Lord” and “our heart is His Candle” ……..fellowship is corporate worship and do be careful that it is real worship that they are engaged in (truly centered on Christ – many Christians don’t know the difference, they are caught up in some sort of ‘feel-good’ entertainment. That is another reason why Jesus said “the Father seeks those who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth” yes truly.

Before completing this post, a God-fearing Christian made these comments: 1. “Scripture says that The Lord is a Jealous God” 2. “If you live for the man or the ministry, your ability to discern error is muted. But when you live in your first love for The Lord, your ability to discern truth and error is more sensitive.” 3. “Our personal relationship with The Lord is what we need to be cultivating” not 101 things pastors preach on through the year often, but firstly and foremostly, the emphasis should be on JESUS. Let this be your guide.

When that final day comes and we stand before Jesus, “He will render to each one of us what we have done” Pastors and Televangelists included. 4. So “you will go where your love for things is set – if truly for Jesus to Heaven, if for the things of the world, an eternity without Him.” 5. “In scripture, Paul mentioned different Christians who left him, having loved this world. He speaks of those who have departed from the Faith” (pure faith). Be sure this is’nt you or the preachers you listen to.

Getting back to our personal walk with Jesus, I trust this important address does not cause you confusion in any way__ if you live close to The Lord ie. In your first love and your heart is soft and pliable towards Him, you are not a Tare, even if you have sinned. The important thing is to live for Him from this day forward, no looking back.

If you have identified yourself as an immature Christian, what was your conversion like? Did it require any Repentance (a change of heart) are you washed in the Saving Blood of Christ (spiritually speaking) that He shed for our sins and paid for us to be Redeemed. He died and Rose for us to restore a right standing with God to whoever would call upon Him (in simple faith) and commit their life to Him.

Purpose to make a quiet time with Him each day, where you prayerfully read scriptures or a scripture devotional book and listen to worship music (that which truly glorifies Him) and you will notice a difference in your heart and life.

Best of all, remember that “The Lord sings over His children everyday!”


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Is this You or Have You been Affected by It?

Posted on 29 March, 2017 at 0:15 Comments comments (1)

Ungodly Behavior Among Christians.
This post is thought provoking and is written in the interest of Unity among those who are members of His Body, bringing healing to those who need it and correction to those who need it. Grace and Peace to all.
We are called to be like Jesus, reflecting His Nature with each other and to those who don’t know Him. We are also meant to “encourage and strengthen each-other all the more as the Coming of The Lord draws near. Uplift and Edify” 1 Thess 5:11 (JV)
Every so often, I am prompted to write articles concerning Christian's behavior because it is so necessary. Do you know that our manner is supposed to bring healing to those around us and the fragrance of Christ into someone's day? (including our fellow Christian) Not the opposite. So like the servants of God in Scripture, it is on my heart to remind you of these things once again. I did some research on the Net this time to see how much these things are being addressed. I think you would be surprised. The following excerpts from an excellent article ring so true to me, so I have included them in this address and I wish to say “well done!”
Slander and Gossip: Destructive to Friendships in Church Community, and Grieving to God.
This writer wrote “If I had a dollar for every time that someone said they had a “prayer request” or a “concern” about someone, and then they proceeded to gossip and slander another fellow Christian, I really do think I’d be rich beyond belief. It has, quite honestly, occurred around me my entire life.
I don’t believe I’ve ever been a part of a church community that didn’t have an issue with gossips and slanderers.
In my experience, the great majority of “prayer requests” and “concerns” and everything else that is called ‘exposing sin’ is nothing but a cover-up for clear and undeniable sin. Which sin? Gossip and slander. That does not mean that confrontation is unbiblical.
We are to guard the truth (1 Tim. 6:20; 2 Tim. 1:14), to contend for apostolic faith (Jude 3), and to stand firm (Eph. 6:10-20). But Christians are commanded to
build each-other up (1 Cor. 12) and to strive for peace (Heb. 12:14).”
I don’t see much of this!
“I believe that most slanderers rarely take a look at their own sin and their own need for grace and mercy and love and compassion. They tend to ignore their own sin and shortcomings, but they are really good at pointing out the flaws of others” however, they do this rashly without sensitivity or perception of those they hurt and defame. 


In Australia, that is called Deformation of Character and punishable by law, yet there are many Christians who get away with this in small communities.
I have a wonderful friend who is a Carer for a mother with Schizophrenia and had this condition since my friend was little. She was brought up mostly by a Christian grandparent. She is a fine caring Christian woman who has a prayer-life and wisdom that few Christians could match. Her life has been far from easy and she is faithful to God, conducting herself well and capably in all her affairs. Her church community has a number of busybodies who have attempted to impose their standards on her and have made malicious gossip about her behind her back. What are your thoughts about such people?
The writer goes on to say “They tend to ignore facts. Those who slander others generally work on little to no actual substance. The stuff that they say isn’t based on facts, but is often based on perceptions. Or worse, it’s based on their own opinions and actually ignores facts. For example, someone continues to make false statements about someone’s beliefs and will not, under any circumstance, adjust those statements when they are presented with facts.”
That is true of some people in my friend’s community – sorry to say, I cannot call them Christians.
Should they not encourage her and stand by her?
If they were busy pleasing The Lord, surely they would find less time to meddle in her affairs and maybe each-others:)  Have you heard the favorite phrase of some Christians? "The Lord told me to tell you" when they think up a few cookies for you. There's a name for that in our Bible, it's called "taking the name of The Lord in vain." When The Lord truly speaks to us concerning someone, we don't even need to use that phrase, because it will witness in their spirit - He will never direct anyone to say something that clashes with the way He speaks to them - this simply means you are trespassing, so we should maybe watch our step. Not many of us like to say 
"what can I do to help?" Then we could be sure we are in God's Will, couldn't we?

This may sound like an indictment: Someone in my family fellowships in a Christian cult (there are some major doctrinal errors) but they are taught to Walk in Love with each-other and be ready for Jesus Coming. My family member has a serious medical condition for some months now and they gather around her through the week and weekends, cheering her up, doing things together and have brought her much comfort when she lost her mum – they helped to fill in the gap. What's more is, Christians from her fellowship visit each-other often like the best of friends. They gather together at a friends house just to read Scriptures and sing together (wholesome scriptures). And also, they show great respect and interest in the elderly.
Isn't that how Evangelical and Charismatic Christians should be?
“We have all the right teaching” don't we? Where is the LOVE and commitment to one-another?
The fellowship I've just mentioned sounds similar to the Early Church, do they not?
To tell you the truth, it has been my observation for 40 years now, that the enemy is willing for us to have the TRUTH without the Love or the LOVE with Error.......but not
TRUTH without Error and LOVE. There are not many Fellowships (Churches) with Both.

I knew someone in a different Christian Cult years ago who had close fellowship with
each-other too. They would phone each-other through the week, and have
Casserole and Buffet nights in different homes – similar to the Home Church Movement.
There is a song that goes “Come on Aussie, come on, come on” in Australia, and there's a Christian song from the early 70s “They will know we are Christians by our Love.”
There was a really nice Pastor some years ago who had a good Evangelistic gifting. He had an exceptionally good way of preaching straight from his heart. Members of his church community destroyed his ministry by making slanderous accusations behind his back, after he changed the premises they were in, to reach more people who needed to find Jesus. He commenced a Natural Health practice some months after disillusion and brought his patients to The Lord. They're always befriending Christians, even when he was a Pastor – very open and generous hearted.

Wouldn't you say there were no grounds to be discontent with him and his family? Much less, gossip and slander – behind the poor man's back, mind you? And it kept getting back to him!
Merciless people, wicked! And that's what good living people in the world think when they see unloving Christians too!
Sorry to say, back-biting, envy, gossip, slander and strife does not only go on in religious main-line churches, it goes on in Pentecostal and Evangelical churches as well, like the two stories above.
“We have to remember that we were created in the image of God (Gen. 1:26). And those whom Christ has saved, He has saved by His precious blood. He has saved them because of His great love (John 3:16; 1 John 3:16). Your slander is against someone created in God’s image who Christ Loves so much that He was willing to die for them and Save them.”
Does your slander appropriately match the feelings and actions that Jesus has? “NO!”
And finally the writer says, “It is Destructive to Friendships. It’s sad to think that strong friendships have been destroyed due to gossip and slander. Yet I have witnessed it happen many times. But Proverbs 16:18 tells us that “a gossip separates the closest friends” (NET).

"If you stop and really consider this, you’ll probably think of some personal examples. And it’s really sad. It may even hurt a little bit. People who were once close and in strong relationships are now bitter rivals and have nothing but bitterness and unforgiveness in their hearts towards the other.”
The very same transgressors described in this post will tell you that they are Christians, Born Again and Saved by the Blood of Jesus…….He is Coming again, they are going to be with Him and so forth. But are they?
The Apostle Paul would say “I could not address you as spiritual but as those who are still worldly, behaving like kids” 1 Co 3:1 (JV)
The writer mentioned above comes from Theology.Org
I’ve been researching a little to see how much these things are being addressed,
because according to Jesus, James and John, it’s serious business!
A member of my family has had an overactive imagination since she was young, and wrecked a marriage and a family with unhealthy thoughts that were troubling her, followed by unkind slanderous words. I could not begin to tell you of all the damage caused by a destructive thought-life and tongue about a perfectly innocent man who is now with Jesus out of it all. He had the forgiveness of Jesus under the most extreme circumstances and kept himself busy living for Jesus and helping others instead of dwelling on offenses.
Please guard yourselves against suspicion and letting upsetting thoughts get the better of you. All that could have been spared this priceless brother whose physical health could not take anymore pressure, if she had “nipped things in the bud”. In other words, don’t let disturbing thoughts get out of hand but ask the Holy Spirit to help you deal with them immediately before they grow into something beyond your ability to manage and an apology band-aid can’t fix. I do believe James 3:1-6 is right about “this unruly member being set on fire by the evil one” (abbreviated) Take care you don’t spread grief that way.

A God-fearing prophetic preacher recently said The Lord instructed him to tell us that the enemy’s three major weapons against the Body of Christ are Slander, Gossip and Offenses and that they are the greatest hindrances to our prayers being answered believe it or not!

“Let those who use the Name of The Lord depart from iniquity” I am writing this post because enough is enough!
I can personally tell you that the enemy's favorite weapons against my Calling through the years has been unkind words, rash judgements and sharp remarks. Sometimes he would wait until I was really close to someone and then they would turn on me, totally unprecedented , when I was off guard. If any of this describes your experience, I feel for you. And I also want to let you know that it isn't always the person against you, it's something else. When a Christian is Walking in Love on a daily basis, the enemy is much less likely to use them that way.
Practice forgiveness dear brother and sister, and you will be the Winner in God's sight.
You do not have to “feel good” about the person who hurt or offended you but we do need to separate the sin from the Christian when they behave like sinners, and recognise the evil one without labelling that Christian.
So “how do I forgive them when they behaved so badly or damaged me?”
I asked The Lord once. He said “Consider their misdeeds no-more and cancel their debts.”
It is an Act of Will, that will benefit you instead of making you ill – emotionally or spiritually.
Have you ever noticed that one can feel quite “ill” when hearing gossip, unkind words or slanderous remarks? That is because our body has a physical reaction to unhealthy emotions – if they are our own OR someone else’s.
According to a Christian Neuroscientist Dr Caroline Leaf, our brain is wired for Love and Joy and Peace. When our thoughts are in harmony with these Godly traits, our brain resembles a tree with beautifully formed branches and pretty green foliage….when we give in to ungodly traits of fear, hate, resentment etc our brain looks the opposite.
This would certainly apply to those of us who dish-out or entertain slander, gossip, unforgiveness etc Unhealthy thoughts, words and deeds do affect our body and brain so we do not function at our best. No wonder so many are in need of healing – they are either infected with these traits or affected by them often (through others) it isn’t always diet or lifestyle. Let’s fill our thoughts and those of others with Love, Joy and Peace!
Christians should watch their quick tempers too because such things can be so devastating. I call it ‘hit and run’ when someone doesn’t stop to apologise or go back to that person like Jesus told us to. That is not love. You may have said something wrong to someone when stressed and needing rest whatever – you need to ask that person forgiveness, not only The Lord. True prayer leads to repentance. Don't ask The Lord for forgiveness and leave that person hurting or offended – go and do the right thing!
Three Important things Not to do:

1) Partake of The Lord's Supper when you have not made amends with the person.
2) Forget what you said or did like nothing happened and go about your daily life.
3) Make yourself unavailable to someone you lost your temper at – that's cruel!
And you can be sure, The Lord will make His Presence unavailable to you.
(the real blessings won't be yours)

We all need to practice this!
(Jesus did none of those ungodly things when He walked with us,
He was Gentle, Peaceful and Loving).
Has this Post Spoken To You?

If you have been behaving in ways you shouldn’t, The Lord sees a repentant heart.
Jesus said these words to a woman, and a man in Scripture
And if you slip, you need to:
 Confess your sin to a Merciful God
Show Mercy to that person.
Be careful to meditate on Scriptures daily
Include the ones you need
and apply them each day.
Meditate on them and ask the Holy Spirit to
soften your heart and strengthen your spirit.
No-one can live this way without His Help
and it is a walk of commitment.
Some Christians make the mistake of having
a “holy time” with The Lord and not practicing
this between times – they still say things that offend.
You need to get yourself a good Devotional
and read it daily. Prayer-read the Scriptures
and seek The Lord’s Presence often.
A change will come, if you desire to love
your brothers and sisters.
To those who consider themselves spiritual
and do not make amends if they offend
I say “who are you kidding?"
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